Reims 2010 - 14-17 December 2010

Reversibility & Retrievability


Reversibility and Retrievability

An International Conference and Dialogue

organised by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

14 to 17 December 2010

Reims (France)

Hosted by Andra

Co-organised with:

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The Reims Conference was conducted within the framework of the Nuclear Energy Agency's project "Reversibility and Retrievability in Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste" (R&R). A wide array of policy makers, civil society stakeholders and experts was brought together in Reims, France (14-17 December 2010). The Nuclear Energy Agency's "International Conference and Dialogue" was the first encounter of this breadth to be centred on the subject of Reversibility and Retrievability, seen by many to be important tools in planning for geological repositories. Through plenary presentations and round-table dialogue, participants developed understanding of commonalities and differences among nations, cultures and waste management programmes. See a short summary of findings. Input is reflected in the final project report published in December 2011.

The NEA has been actively working on R&R issues for several years. Visit the R&R project homepage to download or order final documents..


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